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Amani Althuwaini

Weapons of Violence

Weapons of Violence

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Medium: Digital embroidery on padded rugs and double plexiglass
Year: 2018
Dimensions: Various dimensions
Edition: Each artwork from the installation is unique and is sold separately.


The installation is a visual representation of a few objects from the domestic environment that are also often used as weapons for violent acts and crime against women. The common household objects within homes are knives, home decor such as vases or cushions and men’s agal. Each piece was made using rugs and embroidery; the textile material represents home.

The aesthetics of these pieces are deceiving as they convey safety, security and the everyday decorated mundane. Stitched on each piece are the digitally embroidered words and phrases derived from the media and local news. They create a pattern that looks purely decorative which highlights the common irrelevance of media in tackling the subject of violence against women in the country because of many reasons.

Power, politics, privacy and law are key components of the issue which elevates to crime and not just violence. This piece of work aims to put emphasis on the intimate emotional and physical side of violence and honor crime in the hope for change.

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