Founded in 2021 by Océane Sailly, Hunna Art is a contemporary art gallery representing women artists based in the Gulf. Tackling questions of power, of the women body and its representation, of the history of the Arabian peninsula, of social relations and of youth culture, Hunna Art’s artists are developing cutting edge visual languages and researches that explore through art historical, social and political narratives as well as dominant representations.

Hunna Art aims to contribute to the vibrant art ecosystem of the Gulf while amplifying the voices and visibility of women artists and art professionals through collaborations, exhibitions, fairs participation and publications. Since our launch, we have been inviting art critics and curators such as Wadha Al-Aqeedi, Lara Arafeh, Afnan Al-Yafaey, Beth Derderian, Juliette Lecorne, Ingrid Luquet-Gad and Elina Sairanen to collaborate with us hence creating an international network composed of the new generation of art professionals while offering new and critical perspectives on our artists' practices.

Initially launched online, the gallery will be showcasing three exhibitions in Dubai in 2022 and will announce in the coming months the opening of a permanent space. Hunna Art is also planning to participate in art fairs around the world and to implement collaborations with recognized art collections, institutions and initiatives to further the representation of woman artists while diffusing our artists’ work regionally and internationally.