Collection: Reem R.

Reem R (b. 1995) is a Palestinian visual artist whose work is inspired and influenced by daily observations, human interactions, personal experiences, and memories.

Contrasting vivid color palettes and carefully-composed artworks capture the essence of her inner world, intertwining personal symbols with cultural references.

Reem creates visual riddles that invite the viewers to engage their own imagination to decipher their meanings and come up with their own interpretations.

Portrait: courtesy of the artist.

Reem R., by Océane Sailly

In the tradition of still life painting, Reem R. emerges as a contemporary artist who breathes new life into this enduring genre. Rooted in ancient Greece and reaching its zenith during the Renaissance, still life paintings depicted meticulously inanimate objects -such as  fruits, flowers, and household items- that demonstrated the technical prowess of the artist while imbuing them with symbolic, religious, and allegorical meanings. Vanitas images, in particular, served as poignant reminders of human mortality.

In keeping with the historical intention that guided artists through centuries to capturethe spirit of the times by capturing its essence and its most significant traits, Reem R. carefully observes and dissects her surroundings, capturing their most meaningful and symbolic elements.

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Self Portrait II (2019)

Reem R. received a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design at the American University of Sharjah (UAE) in 2017.

Her work has been exhibited in the Arabian Peninsula, especially Qatar and the UAE, and internationally (Croatia, France, Morocco, South Africa, and Spain). She was also commissioned to create several artworks and designs for prestigious clients.

In parallel to her artistic career, Reem R. also endossed several positions for museums, universities and corporate groups.


"Feel citrusy" (2020)