Opening on March 8th, 2022 at 7.00 pm
Exhibition from March 8th to 31th, 2022
At Al Safa Art and Design library, Dubai (UAE)

Serendipity or “the magic of finding something while looking for something else”, a simple and wonderful word that has its origin in the Arabic vocabulary, opens our eyes away from an immediate reality to a possible dream still concealed. “SERENDIPITY” is an exhibition of exclusively women art of the Middle East, in the prominent Al Safa Design & Arts Library in Dubai.

Co-curated by the MIA Art collection team, Mojgan Endjavi-Barbé - Founder and Director of Mojgan Endjavi-Barbé Art Projects, Océane Sailly - Founder and Director of Hunna Art, under direction of the founder Alejandra Castro Rioseco, SERENDIPITY is a journey across more than 30 works of art of over 10 countries in the Middle East region, each work carefully selected for their value and thematic relationship to reflect the viewpoint of MIA ART Collection of respect and admiration for women artists, their work and their trajectory.

Five artists from Hunna Art were selected to be part of this exhibition: Qamar Abdulmalik, Eman Ali, Moza Almatrooshi, Razan Al Sarraf & Zayn Qahtani.

Razan AlSarraf, "Sheikhs", 2019.

Zayn Qahtani,
(left) "Empty Where Home Used To Be", 2021
(right) "If you’re listening", 2021

Eman Ali, "Portal", 2015.

Qamar Abdulmalik, "Earth, land and water #6", 2018.

Moza Almatrooshi, "Staff of Life", 2019.

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  • MIA Art Collection

    MIA Art Collection is a private art collection with a global footprint aimed at promoting women artists and their work.

    The collection truly of women, created by women, seeks to create visibility of women and their work in the world through various art projects.

    MIA Art Collection builds on a multidisciplinary team and global network to support participation in museums, art fairs, amongst others. The MIA art collection is available and supportive of expositions centred around women artists and their participation in activities visualizing the role of women in the arts. The MIA project encourages education through private and public seminars, workshops and expositions on a global scale.

  • Al Safa Library

    Al Safa Art & Design Library, which originally opened in 1989, reintroduced its space to the public in March 2019. It is designed to reflect the Dubai Public Libraries’ purpose as prominent centres for knowledge and culture in the emirate, and to support its National Reading Strategy.

    In its design, the library embodies Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of creating quiet, spacious and beautiful urban spaces for reflection that express the sublimity of contemplation and aloofness. It is home to modern multi-purpose rooms and work areas, as well as a dedicated children’s library that has been designed to engage the younger generation with an activity room, a media room, a book room, a piano and an interactive digital wall, green wall and feature wall.