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Mashael Alsaie (b.1994, Bahrain) is a Bahraini multimedia artist and photographer.

Mashael’s practice expresses research-driven interpretation of Bahraini mythologies via text, image, and glass. Incorporating themes of science fiction and ecofeminism, her most recent work explores collective consciousness embedded in the myth of the Adhari Spring.

Mashael Alsaie © Giulia Menenchella

Mashael Alsaie, by Megan Macnaughton

Pockets of air solidified in an instant. Evaporating frankincense trapped in still glass. An evocative scent that can no longer be smelled, made inaccessible, stripped of its olfactive function and relegated to the realm of the visual. Suspended, both in space and time. Once free and shared, now locked up, as if seized by the artist’s hands and withheld from the onlooker’s senses. 

Barren Spring, 2022, Frankincense, Glass, Size Variable

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Alsaie’s work has been featured in exhibitions at KBHG Basel (2023), Warehouse421 (2021), Misk Riyadh (2020), and PS122 New York (2019). She has been an Artist in Residence at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn (2020), Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation (2021), and Samt Alternative Art School (2022).

Notable features in publications includeTribe Magazine,i-D Magzine,Vogue Arabia,  Vogue Italia, Postscript Magazine, AlJazeera Plus, Emirates Woman,Womena,  Hypebeast Online,Hypebeast/Adidas, MinaaZine, Harpers Bazaar Arabia,Mille Magazine,The Modern East, Nasi Magazine,Jdeed Magazine,  GirlGaze,KQED

Right: Barren Spring, "Evaporating Suns: Contemporary Myths from the Arabian Gulf", KBH.G (Basel), 2023

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