Collection: Amna AlBaker

Amna Al Baker is a Qatari multidisciplinary artist. Her work focuses on themes of identity and womanhood, fueled by a desire to give space to the unseen experiences of being a woman in her place and time.

Amna’s recent practice is based on creating parallels between the natural world and the female experience. Her work aims to materialize the internal wilderness navigated by women, specifically in the Arab world, as they come of age and forge alternative paths. Her practice is an experimental one, in which she lets the medium choose her. Self-discovery is at the heart of her practice as she collects objects, photographs and writing to build her ideas on.


Amna is a self-trained artist. Having graduated from Northwestern University in 2018 with a degree in Film and communications, she has gone on to build her skills through numerous artistic collaborations as well as the exploration of different mediums such as painting, printmaking, film, photography and animation. She was selected to teach a hand-drawn animation workshop at Doha Fire station in 2021 and has worked with The Doha Film Institute and multiple local businesses and organizations in Qatar.

Her work has been exhibited in Doha and London, as well as published online and in print. Recently, Amna was commissioned to create work for The Ned Doha's permanent collection, as well as contributing several previous works to the collection.

Blood moons (diptych) (2022), commissioned by The Ned Doha.