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Moza Almatrooshi

To Whom the Sun May Be Of Concern

To Whom the Sun May Be Of Concern

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Medium: Moving Image
Year: 2018
Duration: 17min30
Edition: Edition of 4 + 1AP
Shipment: Hard drive

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To whom The Sun May Be Of Concern is a short film depicting the disjointed visual narrative that accompanies a child-like yet dark fable about a female voice on a quest to find a lost ancient queen. The moving images are both filmed by the artist and borrowed from various media channels on the internet. The use of simple technology to weave the story present the democratic employment of filters that interrupt daily life; seeing through reflections of a screen and the constant urge to document mundane moments to validate their existence. The tale also applies a heavy-handed anthropomorphic quality, as it assigns animals human characteristics, and tasks them with the delivery of the moral of the story. The surroundings that are filmed exhibit designed and constructed spaces such as a neoclassical building, a park, a museum, and a beehive “suite”.

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