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Nour Elbasuni

Friday Afternoon

Friday Afternoon

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Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2021
Dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm 
Edition: Unique artwork
Shipment: stretched on canvas


The three paintings - Friday Afternoon, Sons of Endymion, and Kousa - are all following the theme of depicting men from the region in domestic settings. With a focus on bringing forth feelings of cohesion, safety, warmth, and closeness. Friday Afternoon, is slightly different from other paintings because it is depicting the outside of the house looking in. A scene depicting two men looking through their window, with a flowerpot visibly placed on the windowsill. The viewer meets the gaze of one of the men looking through the window to engage them as a spectator. Sons of Endymion shows a scene of three men on a bed with two of them speaking and reading as the third one sleeps on one side of the bed. Men being on the same bed is one of the things frowned upon in our cultures, which is, an idea instilled in young men early-on, discouraging even siblings from being on the same bed due to the sexual connotations it might have. Sons of Endymion seeks to remove stigma from that idea, as it is a common scene to witness in lower-income households where siblings share beds, or in closer friendships between men. I named the painting after the Greek myth of Endymion who had decided to spend most of his life in perpetual sleep. Lastly, the painting Kousa which is an afternoon scene from the living room of a house where four men are removing the cores from zucchini to prepare food while drinking tea. Attentiveness and softness is one of the main things I focused on while creating this artwork.

The three artworks go together in many ways, one of which is the progression in the intimacy depicted flowing from Friday afternoon, being and external scene, to Kousa, being a living room scene, and to Sons of Endymion as a bedroom scene which is the most intimate setting in the house. I am aiming to inspire many positive and warm feelings within the viewer upon looking at my paintings, connecting them to their emotions and normalizing human closeness once again.

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