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Talin Hazbar



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Medium: Local rocks, sand, glass
Year: 2018
Dimensions: approx. H: 25cm W: 15cm L: 20cm
Edition: Unique artwork

This artwork was part of the "Pathways" exhibition.


Flow is a modern take on the sand hour glass and a depiction of the landscapes. It visualises the ephemeral and enduring qualities of time through the use of timeless materials: stone and sand. Flow is designed to tell time with the intimacy of movement within the interior of the rock.

The quality of time cannot solely be measured through the grains but through its flow. With each turn, the sand moves slowly and steadily obeying the force of gravity to mark 10 minutes. It does not nostalgically look back, but looks forward to what is yet to come.

Photographed by Alex Wolfe.

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