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Aysha Almoayyed

راحت علينا

راحت علينا

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Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Edition: Unique artwork
Shipment: stretched on canvas


راحت علينا (it's over/it's too late) engages with the conventional notions of gender, the intricate dynamics of courtship, and the inexorable march towards an impending state of destruction. This painting weaves together familiar imagery and societal tropes that challenge societal norms and unveil the enigmatic nature of human relationships.

At its center, the canvas portrays a scene of two Arabian horses shown in a toy-like manner. The artist's choice of colors represents the dichotomy between masculine and feminine energies, blurring the boundaries that society traditionally imposes. The courtship rituals within the painting manifest as an intricate web of glances, subtle gestures, and tender embraces, conveying a delicate dance of desire and vulnerability. The composition astutely captures the inherent tension and fragile beauty that emerge from the interplay between individuals who conform to prescribed gender roles.

Yet, beneath the veneer of bright colors and passion, an undercurrent of impending ruin reverberates throughout the painting. Hints of a decayed car crash emerge subtly in the background, signifying the inevitability of destruction that lurks beneath even the most idyllic façades. This symbolism suggests that conventional ideas of gender and courtship, like all societal constructs, are transient and ultimately succumb to the ravages of time.

The artist invites viewers to contemplate the transience of gender norms and the temporality of courtship, urging introspection into the profound existential questions of human existence. It is a poignant testament to the complexity of human connections, the fragility of constructed identities, and the irrevocable nature of eventual disintegration.


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