(Art Daily) Hunna Art to now represent Amna Al Baker

(Art Daily) Hunna Art to now represent Amna Al Baker

Amna’s recent practice is based on creating parallels between the natural world and the female experience. Her work, now on view at Hunna Art - a contemporary art gallery representing women artists based in the Gulf - aims to materialize the internal wilderness navigated by women, specifically in the Arab world, as they come of age and forge alternative paths. Her practice is an experimental one, in which she lets the medium choose her. Self-discovery is at the heart of her practice as she collects objects, photographs and writing to build her ideas on.

Fuelled by a desire to express her experiences of being an Arab woman in her time and space, Amna Al Baker (b. 1996) is an artist, photographer and writer with a Qatari, Indian and Persian heritage. Born and raised in Doha, Al Baker’s practice forms as an experimental process, where photography, visual research and writing are often an initial step, laying down the foundations from which she builds her practice further. A self-taught multidisciplinary artist, she is locally well-known for her whimsical artworks with a playful edge, Al Baker’s work revolves around two dualities: the seen and unseen and the self and society—two pairs that are often intrinsically linked to one another.

Methodologically driven by introspection and experimentation, much of Al Baker’s work relates to her personal narrative, albeit many of the themes she discusses are frequently manifested in other women’s lives, too. Al Baker’s collections of photos and habitual note-taking serve as starting point for her work which is recurrently driven not only by her need to negotiate her position as a young woman but also the wish to articulate her inner world, resulting in dreamy and playful body of works.



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