Open Call for Curated Project's Finalist

‘Dream in Which my Body is Ours’ by Tala AlGhamdi 

We are thrilled to announce that the exhibition proposal ‘Dream in Which my Body is Ours’ by Tala AlGhamdi has been selected for Hunna Art’s open call for curated projects.

As AlGhamdi states, ‘The intention of this exhibition is to explore the imagination of the body through dreams, to pull at a thread through the imagery and creations of artists and designers that build their own complex worlds. Here we take artists with world-building skills that allow the viewer to be immersed in a dreamscape, channeling through their imaginations the astral experience of the soul versus the body. By selecting designers as well as artists, I’d like to invite the visitors to truly imagine a complete world, a liminal space furthest away from the white cube exhibitions that have dominated for so long. Looking at artists from all over the world, both established artists and students, gives us the opportunity to see the likeness in our collective fantasies – and the potential of our own imaginations.’

Hunna Art will now accompany Tala AlGhamdi in the realization of ‘Dream in Which my Body is Ours’ which will be presented in the coming months.

About Tala AlGhamdi

Tala AlGhamdi is a curator and researcher working in the cultural industry in Saudi Arabia. With a background in fashion and research from Parsons The New School, the work is driven by archive and untold stories. Her ethos begins with joy and beauty, inviting people into a collective memory that we had once forgotten about.