Open call for curated projects

In tune with our core values of experimentation, collaboration, knowledge production and pooling, and with the aim to push the boundaries of the gallery model while supporting innovative ideas Hunna Art is launching an open call for curated projects.

The projects can be of any formats: materialized or dematerialized, small or large scale, and short or long term. For example, it could be an uncommonly small or a larger group exhibition, a series of thematic talks, a reenactment, the publication of a zine or a book, a project on artist(s)’s archives / studios / practices, an exhibition in an unusual space, a day of performances, an art marathon, an online project,... Let your wildest art ideas take shape!

- The proposals need to include at least one artist represented by Hunna Art - we will be soon announcing new artists, so keep an eye on us,
- The proposals can locate the project anywhere but it needs to be relevant to the artists’ practices and to the project,
- The call is open to curators, artists, collectives, researchers, cultural practitioners, and professionals from other fields, with no restrictions on age, gender, and nationality.

To apply, please send us before January, 30th 2023 at a pdf containing:
- Your proposal (2 pages minimum) including the names of artist(s) and the proposed location,
- If applicable, sketch or rendering of your proposal
- A Provisional budget
- Your short biography (500 words max) and your CV
- If applicable, information about your past curatorial projects.

The submitted proposals will be reviewed collegially by Hunna Art’s artists and director taking into consideration their feasibility, relevance and quality. The selected proposals will be funded by Hunna Art and the selected participants will receive a fee calculated on the project’s parameters (duration, outcome, etc). They will be implemented between 2023 and 2024.

Reach out to us for more information