The Roundtable theme is art in EXPO DUBAI 2020, and the importance the Expo is giving to the artists in the Pavilions but also through the public Arts Program.

The main focus is on women artists present in the EXPO, the multi-cultural aspects and integration of the artists from over the world, the techniques and technology applied in their art.

Each panel member will share their point of view and the artists each have a 10 minute window to talk about their work in the project, the experience and how this will impact the future in their view, with EXPO DUBAI 2020 as a clear milestone for art expositions.

The Roundtable will be supported with images and if anyone wishes to send a specific image to us for the event, please share and dont hesitate.

Thank you so much and happy to be able to count on you in supporting the philanthropy work of MIA Art Collection to promote women artist visibility across the world.