(TL Magazine) Menart Fair Paris

(TL Magazine) Menart Fair Paris

The fall art season in Paris is in full swing, with exhibitions and events taking place across the city. Much anticipated is the 4th edition of Menart Fair, where over thirty galleries from eleven countries will present a range of contemporary art and design from the Middle East and North Africa. The fair takes place at the historic Palais d’Iena between September 15-17th, 2023 and will bring together both emerging and established talent in the region.

Lebanon has always been a leading cultural reference in the contemporary art and design world, and despite its many recent setbacks and economic difficulties, there will be nearly ten Lebanese galleries participating. In addition, French galleries are heavily present, with a focus on artists from MENA, and the remaining galleries from North Africa, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Eight of the galleries presenting at the fair will focus exclusively on design. The artistic selection of this year’s galleries and artists is notable in its diversity and its multiple influences and identities. From traditional calligraphic works to more conceptual and mixed media objects, artists are confronting many themes from social and political issues, including migration, war and women’s rights, to folklore, history and spirituality including the long traditions with poetry in Arab and Persian culture.



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