(Art Dubai) Against Disappearance

(Art Dubai) Against Disappearance

Meaning ‘gateway’ in Arabic, Bawwaba is a section of Art Dubai dedicated to new work (made in the last year) by artists from across the Global South. Now in its third edition, this year’s Bawwaba features solo presentations from 11 artists who originate from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, the Philippines, and the UAE. As the curator of the section, I have given it the title ‘Against Disappearance’ to highlight the artists’ shared endeavour to make visible the level of skill involved in creating works of art when such qualities of workmanship and artistry are disappearing from all aspects of life in the 21st century.


Last but not least, Bawwaba is commissioning a performance by UAE artist Moza Almatrooshi. Working with food and Arabian polytheistic practices, Almatrooshi’s performance is sure to spice up the fair with the flavour of the Global South.


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