(AD Middle East) 7 Palestinian Artists You Need To Know About

(AD Middle East) 7 Palestinian Artists You Need To Know About

With the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed Gaza for decades, it’s easy to forget that the region is blessed with incredible Palestinian artists who are using their canvas for change. From emerging young talents to established award-winning masters, here are some of the artistic voices from Palestine you need to know about.

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Reem R.

Rounding off our list of Palestinian artists you need to know is the up and coming visual artist Reem R. (1995) who creates work inspired and influenced by daily observations, human interactions, personal experiences, and memories. Contrasting vivid colour palettes and carefully-composed paintings, the works capture the essence of her inner world, intertwining personal symbols with cultural references.

In 2017 she achieved her Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design at the American University of Sharjah. Her work has been exhibited in Qatar and the UAE, and further afield in Croatia, France, Morocco, South Africa, and Spain. Her paintings usually transform pop-art like images of everyday items and icons into bizarre still lifes, inviting the viewers to engage their imagination to come up with their own interpretations or meanings behind the pieces. @reem.r


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