(Selection Arts) Boundless/Binding

(Selection Arts) Boundless/Binding

Emergeast teamed up with LA’s Subliminal Projects gallery for ‘Boundless/Binding’, an exhibition spotlighting globally-based Middle Eastern female artists. In a time of significant regional shifts, the showcase becomes a hub for dialogue, empowering the female perspective in a critical space. Collaborating with Hunna Art, the curation focuses on voices shaping contemporary narratives.

Boundless/Binding accentuates the power of expression, weaving personal and collective dialogues on identity and belonging amid the region’s evolving narratives. Each artist, bound by sociocultural ties yet boundless in creativity, contributes to this rich tapestry. From Bouthayna Al Mufta’s adored faces series to Alymamah’s immersive visual tales, the exhibit delves into themes ranging from globalisation to societal expectations and resistance.


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