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(Canvas) AlUla Artist Residency Participants Revealed

(Canvas) AlUla Artist Residency Participants Revealed

The Royal Commission for AlUla and Afalula have announced the participants of the latest edition of the AlUla Artist Residency. The selected artists are Hashel Al Lamki and Qamar Abdulmalik, and Maryam Bilal has been chosen as curator.

Hashel Al Lamki’s dynamic practice explores the relationship between humans and the environment, while Qamar Abdulmalik works with a wide range of media from collage and video to new media in her installations. Maryam Bilal experiments with collaborative and reciprocal curatorial models, with a focus on the growing Saudi art scene.

The final edition of the 2022-23 season, the residency will launch in tandem with the opening of the first three residency apartments of the new permanent residency accommodation in AlUla’s AlJadidah design district.

“Experiencing AlUla is life-changing for people and the residencies have had an incredible impact on the careers of the artists to date. RCU has implemented four successful Artist Residency programmes now and AlUla is becoming synonymous with residency opportunities; artists want to come here to work, to develop their careers and to live. A lovely example of this is Talin Hazbar, an artist from our first-ever residency who will now be involved in The Water Pavilions project,” said Ali Alghazzawi, Arts & Creative Opportunities Lead at RCU.

The AlUla Artist Residency will take place through 14 June 2023.

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