(The Peninsula) Art exhibitions galore across Doha

(The Peninsula) Art exhibitions galore across Doha

Striking, static, inspirational, Qatar is home to a growing number of art exhibitions, opening up a new leaf to another culture, a tidal that pulls and triggers our frontal cortex. Here are some of the exhibitions across Doha that you can visit – all for free.

Have a sip of Arabian coffee, the month-long “Coffee for Two - Cultures in Dialogue” event is being held at Building 47, Gallery 1 at the Katara Cultural Village. Qahwa (Arabic coffee), which is highlighted in the exhibition as an intangible cultural legacy and a symbol of generosity.

It also examines the history of the well-known brew by using maps to show its migration from the affluent plantations in Latin America, where it eventually gained fame in the 17th century, to the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt, where it was first grown. Additionally, it spotlights how coffee has changed over time and how it has been adapted for modern use.

The “Coffee for Two – Cultures in Dialogue” will run until September 21. 

Two striking exhibitions presented by local artists are ongoing at the Fire Station until September 24: Abstraction: Subverting Reality, and Beyond the Rules.

Abstraction: Subverting Reality exhibition features the artworks of Noor Abuissa, Amna Al Baker, Shaikha Al Hardan, May Al Mannai, Hassan Al Mulla, Ebtisam Al Saffar, Ryan Browning, Sarah Jayyousi, Jesse Payne, Michael Perrone, and Twiggy Shmeissany. The artists go beyond reality to try to express that there are no strong words for shapes, lines, and colours.



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