(Bomb Magazine) Amani Al-Thuwaini and Andrea Hasler

(Bomb Magazine) Amani Al-Thuwaini and Andrea Hasler

Working from Kuwait City and London respectively, the two artists each make sculptures and installations that, in distinctive ways, critique the desire for and fixation with high-end fashion and luxury goods—by way of destabilizing their allure, status, and promise.

Al-Thuwaini sees globally pervasive brands and their homogeneity as a threat to local traditions and the survival of time-honored crafts. Hasler literally turns luxury accessories inside out, exposing their “bare flesh,” alluding to the killing of animals for leather and fur and hinting at the complex emotions that underlie all forms of human craving.

Ukrainian-born Al-Thuwaini and Swiss-born Hasler met at a workshop in London a few years back and discovered their mutual interests. Recently, they set up a video call between Kuwait and England to catch up on their latest endeavors, exchange images of new works, discuss the dowry tradition as a contemporary ritual, reflect on local customs in the face of universal branding, and more.



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