(This Is Yung) Alymamah Rashed – Tales of the Body

(This Is Yung) Alymamah Rashed – Tales of the Body

Kuwaiti visual artist Alymamah Rashed... explores identity and the natural environment through the story of her body.

For those meeting you for the first time, introduce yourself and tell what it is that you do.

My name is Alymamah Rashed. I am a painter and storyteller based in Kuwait. I birth recreations of my body and soul to create a union for you and I. 

What themes are present at the heart of your practice? Are there any sites of inspiration that you often find yourself returning to? 

My practice is always exploring the different methods I am able to produce when it comes to my body as a singular entity and in relation to the soul. I also explore the notion of bodifying the soul. Through the body and the soul’s convergence and separation, I am able to reclaim and own my body beyond femininity and masculinity. In other words, I seek to paint the fragrance of my essence. 

I explore topics of identity and the natural environment through the story of my body. I am invested in the fluctuation that occurs within the tangibility of the body, the intangibility of the soul, and reversing their roles within one another. My practice negotiates my female subjectivity in relation to regional folklore, the banal objects I encounter everyday, and spiritual intelligence.


Tell us about a highlight in your journey that you hold close. 

When I had my first solo show in the region with Tabari Artspace during COVID and was still able to feel the love and light from the region through my phone screen, since I was not able to attend due to the lockdown in Kuwait. 

What do you wish for the future of your practice and for yourself? 

I hope to revive my story and yours through presence. I hope to create renewal. I hope to be the dew drop on a blooming red rose. 


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