Entry 3

Entry 3

Alia Zaal in Vetheuil
Artist Residency
Maison Oscar-Claude Monet
Autumn: October- November 2021


After the ‘plein air’ attempt, the painting from memory, and the studying photographs from the Vetheuil landscapes, I had a feeling I wanted to be more and more immersed in the patterns and color palette around me. I painted on different surfaces with different mediums. I painted a wallpaper roll with ink and pastels. 

I painted on small canvas boards that kind of looked like thumbnails of landscapes in different light, with different ‘white balance’ on each one. 



I also looked at subjects around me from a distance (outside my windows of my studio and my bedroom) but also up-close and zoomed in. Looking at landscapes from different points of view allowed me to create more interesting compositions and think of them covering the walls or wrapping a chair or covering a light source or concealing the floor.

I want to be in the landscape without a frame.

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