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Eman Ali

Portal (2022)

Portal (2022)

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From "The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her" series

Medium: Archival Pigment Print of Hahnemühle Pearl
Year: 2022
Hand signed and numbered by the artist, verso

Format 1
Dimensions: 48 x 60 cm
Edition: 5 + 2 AP

Format 2
Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm
Edition: 3 + 2 AP

Shipment: Rolled

About "The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her": 

"The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her", Eman Ali’s new series interconnects narratives involving the proof of human presence, sources and connections, nature and man, and the manifestation of the future.

It is a month-long meditation on the artist’s surroundings in Oman, between intimate interior settings and the beauty of the mundane. Her work draws from her car drives within and outside of the city and finds the presence in absence and the coinciding of man and nature. Some of her observations include the human connection to land, the celebration of individuality, bonds, and imperfections, and embrace underlying themes of separation and death. She furthermore contemplates life beyond earth, in a sense that seeks a higher power. In her selection, Eman Ali displays a gallery of individuals from the region – artists, friends, and strangers that crossed her path – that she captures and celebrates for their beauty and uniqueness.

"The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her" is thus an explorative, instinctive project that documents like a diary the daily, intimate, experiences of the artist and pays tribute to the land on which she lives.

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