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Aliyah Alawadhi



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Medium: Acrylic on canvas mounted on wood
Year: 2023
Dimensions: 86 x 49 cm, 47 x 68 cm, 68 x 50 cm
Edition: Unique artwork
Shipment: Mounted on wood


Aliyah Alawadhi’s work delves into themes of girlhood and adolescence. Informed by the rigid binary of gender and the ensuing social expectations, Aliyah frames the experience of girlhood through the surreal and the exaggeration of the femme-coded body. This fixation on beauty, or rather the obstruction of it, melds with a grotesqueness that seeks to disobey not only the space that these figures occupy but also the expectation of presentability.

‘Hide/Seek’ employs escapism, limitation, and exaggeration as the figures in the work are fitted into the the confines of an unconventionally-shaped background that melds closely to the undulations of their distorted bodies.

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