(Gulf Today) Qamar Abdulmalik and Alymamah Rashed feature in "Eyes Wide Shut", a group show at Firetti Contemporary

"The exhibition is a dialogue of individual styles by women artists belonging to three different generations (Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z) who, while navigating their own journeys, question accepted narratives, shedding light on pressing issues. 

For multidisciplinary Saudi-based Palestinian artist Qamar Abdulmalik, art is the path to bring forth her personal experiences as a Palestinian refugee and the global systems that impact the Arab diaspora. She invites us into a surreal journey where her alter ego is transported by an elevator into a fairy-tale world made of papier mache.

Its sixth floor transposes the office of the same number at the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh that handles identity papers for Palestinian refugees, thus bringing focus to the seemingly mundane day-to-day happenings that are actually critical struggles in the lives of undocumented immigrants. Cut and Paste Dreams emphasises the power of dreams to transform reality.

Topics of identity and environment are further explored by Kuwaiti visual artist Alymamah Rashed, who investigates the discourse of her own body, fluctuating between the east and the west. Her work negotiates her female subjectivity, regional folklore and the banal objects that she encounters in her everyday life. 


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