(About Her) 5 Talented Arab Female Photographers To Know

(About Her) 5 Talented Arab Female Photographers To Know

The Middle East’s arts, culture and creative scene is bubbling with tremendous talent, and has been for decades. Be it sculptures, style, or traditional art forms, it seems that photography is a medium that depicts the stories and voices of the region’s female creatives in their truest form.

Exploring social and political issues including gender, identity, equality and more, the Arab female gaze has seen a revival through the works of these Arab female photographers…


Hailing from Bahrain, Mashael Al Saie's photographic work explores the traditional cultural norms of the GCC, gender identity, amongst other social topics.

Al Saie is inspired by cultural norms that shape the female Arab identity and how it is these narratives that have "shaped the psyche of the Arab woman."


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